TAC PRO Manual


General Product FAQs

Q1Does the TAC work on PC?
A The TAC Pro works on PC in both keyboard and XInput modes.
Q2Can the TAC be used as keyboard and mouse on PS4?
A The TAC Pro can be used in keyboard mode on PS4 with keyboard/mouse compatible titles and the built-in browser.
Q3How to set to XInput mode?
A Switch to PS3 mode and connect to PC.
Q4Does the TAC support Party chat?
A  The TAC supports Party chat with system versions 4.0 and above.
Q5What does “ADS” stand for?
A Aim Down Sight”. A sight will display your bullet’s line of travel to assist in aiming.

Keyboard Mode FAQs

Q1Does the TAC support macro key functions?
A The TAC only supports the assignment of one function per key.
Q2 Can I reassign keys in Keyboard mode?
A Yes, by using the TAC’s support software. Please download here:http://www.hori.jp/products/p4/p4_tac_m1/

Key switch FAQs

Q1Do the TAC’s L2/R2 buttons support analog input? (TAC Pro/4/Grip)
A The TAC’s default L2/R2 buttons are digital, and support MIN/MAX input values only.

Mouse FAQs

Q1Can I use another mouse with the TAC keypad? (TAC Pro/4/Grip)
A The TAC supports any USB mouse. However, a mouse with more than five buttons may not function fully.
Q2What maximum mouse voltage does the TAC support? (TAC Pro/4/Grip)
A Please refer to the voltage rating on the underside of your mouse.

TAC Software FAQs

Q1What can I do with the TAC’s software?
A The TAC’s software assists in button reassignment and sensitivity adjustment, allowing you to save multiple user profiles and upload them to your PC.